Across the Midwest

Across the Midwest is a vinyl record complied of songs by bands/artists who originated from the Midwest. Included is a double sided poster that contains a map with a route that takes him/her to each city where the bands/artists are from, a lyric booklet with the option to document their new discoveries, and twelve magnets depicting the terrain of each state in the Midwest.

Collection of Across the Midwest Merchandise: Vinyl record, download card, lyric book, poster, and 12 magnets
Inside of album cover
Twelve magnets depicting the terrain of each Midwest state
Inside page of lyric book
Download Card: To listen to the full playlist click here
Process Work
Process Work


2016 Chicago Bears
Champaign County Forest Preserve District
2015 Chicago Bears
MoCap Online
2015 Fighting Illini Baseball
Fighting Illini Athletics
Slopeside Brewing Company
Terra Nova
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